The Sound Of The Suburbs

Noelia, Mr. Jo, and Irfa. Three women in the suburbs of Milano. They have in common a strong sense of identity and they are changing dynamics in their communities. Noelia is part of a Caporales dance group in her neighborhood. Mr. Jo is the first international adoption of Italy and she created the first women futbol team in the city. And, Irfa, is a transgender woman from Pakistan that wants to help women in her situation.

This project was commissioned by:
Comune di Milano 
Fabbrica del Vapore  

Realized in collaboration with:
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“UP-Urban People”
The project focuses on the issues of inclusion, insecurity (real and perceived), multi-ethnicity and marginality in four suburban districts of the city of Milan (Giambellino-Lorenteggio, Adriano-Padova-Rizzoli, Corvetto-Chiaravalle-Porto di Mare , QT8-Gallaratese), proposing new and innovative looks towards issues which are often tackled by media and politics through the lenses of ideologies.

The project involved 8 Italian and international artists, photographers and videomakers who, during a ten-day residency coordinated by the operators of the Fluxlab association, produced eight original productions, encouraging a critical and shared reading of the potentials and critical aspects of the changes of the territories in progress through the creative languages of the visual and multimedia arts.