Living in Melilla's Streets

Only in 2016, 295 people died trying to reach the south of Spain. In Morocco, Africa, hundreds of refugees and migrants wait and prepare they journey to get into European soil. They will try it by sea or through Melilla’s fence, which separates Europe and Africa and spans 12 km all around the Spanish enclave located in the north of Morocco.

Here, migrants and refugees from all over Africa, or even from Afghanistan or Siria bet everything they have to reach the Iberian Peninsula. The ones who get here struggle with they asylum applications meanwhile are staying in the Center of Temporary Stay of Migrants or in the Center of Minors. For some, this is not an option anymore, since their applications are been rejected and they’ve been kicked out of the Center. Others have lost the hope that an asylum approval is going to happen someday.

Refusing coming back to their country of origin, and with fear of facing persecution, violence, war or lack of opportunities, these people live on the streets of Melilla, sometimes trying to sneak out to the boats that go every day to Spain.

This work was published in Internazionale