Maria Contreras Coll (1991) is a documentary photographer from Barcelona.
Maria became interested in photography at the age of 14 with her first digital camera. She decided to study a Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts in Photography at the University of Barcelona (2010-2014). During those years, she investigated about the concept of happiness, unrealised dreams and the hopes of people immersed in the rush of urban life. Her documentary projects such as “Ah!”,  was exhibited at the Català Roca Golferichs center in 2013, and “Persona”, was exhibited at the University of Barcelona in 2014. 
After finishing her degree, she did a one year Workshop in Documentary Photography at Pati Llimona (2015) with the photographer Eva Parey. In 2015-2016 she studied a Postgraduate degree in Photojournalism (2015-2016) at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She spent the next months  photographing the most intimate and personal aspects of the Refugee Crisis in Europe, travelling to to affected areas such as Greece, France, Germany or Morocco.
Since then, her stories has been published in Aljazeera, El Pais, El Mundo, Internazionale and Vice Media, she has been a guest speaker at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and her work has been exhibit in “Looking For Refuge” organised by the Spanish Commission for Refugee Assistance in Madrid.
Currently she is living in Nepal and working on a women rights project.