Before We Wed

Anuja is 20 years old and lives in Kathmandu, Nepal. She is in her second year of the college, where she is studying Technology and Science. She lives with her mother, her father, her grandmother, and two siblings. She has been invited to a wedding in Kathmandu Valley, where she is going to assist with her two best friends.

Despite Anuja is not sure when is he going to get married, she knows that is it going to be before she reaches the age of 25 and that is going to be with someone from her same cast.

In this country, most of the marriages are still arranged by the groom's and bride's family. Despite this happens much earlier in the rural areas, in the city started to be different. The youngers are starting to have a more westernized life, brought by the wide access of the new technologies. They dance between a life full of responsibilities and costumes, as their familiars use to have and still demand from them, and a bright new access to a more free and light life. Most of them dream of going aboard and having love marriages.

In Nepal, getting married means becoming a part of a new family, especially if you're the bride. Means leaving your maternal home and moving on the groom's family for starting to take care of the households and all the home responsibilities. A mother in low is considered as a Goddess of the new home, whom the bride has to obey and take care off.